City of Casablanca

Casablanca City receives its first medical center for physical treatment

The first clinic specializing in physical medicine was launched in City of Casablanca. The facility is improved according to the needs of the people, and there are advanced types of equipment put in place I order to provide a better diagnosis and better treatment of the different cases.

Physical and rehabilitation medicine has progressed significantly in recent years. It has expanded its range of services. In the Kingdom of Morocco, a first clinic entirely dedicated to this discipline was introduced in the city of Casablanca.

In recent times, physical medicine has made and contributed a significant improvement in the world, and for the most part regarding the care of people with disabilities. It is an essential field of expertise for the improvement of the quality of life of patients suffering from functional sequelae after an accident or following an illness. It contributes to the reduction of the physical, psychological, social and economic limitations of each patient’s disabilities and incapacities.

At present in Morocco, the demand for rehabilitation and rehabilitation services is increasing. There are very few physical medicine, recovery, and rehabilitation centers in the Kingdom and because of this need, a first clinic specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation is now operating in the city of Casablanca. The facility is spreading on an area of 1,000 m² with a capacity to accommodate 46 hospital beds. The medical facility is named, “Al Karim” and is constructed to cater to the increasing need for physical treatment. Al Karim is the first structure in Morocco to offer this kind of service by taking care of the patient’s locomotor apparatus.

The center is an important project which meets the demand for services and facilities focusing on physical care. The project will protect the lifestyle and well-being of the community and also improve the condition of those who are dealing with disabilities.

The structure is adjusted to the needs, and with the innovatively integrated apparatuses, the center can provide a more accurate analysis and management of the several conditions that can be treated by the services of the clinic. Indeed, this new clinic is intended to aid the patients during all stages of the ailment. The hospital is responsible for taking care of patients who are undertaking outpatient, for short-term rehabilitation, or for the short, medium or long stay according to a physiotherapist and the founder of the clinic. Reinforcing multidisciplinary nature, the clinic provides sports orthopedics and traumatology services. The center’s medical teams also include specialists in general surgery, intensive care, and resuscitation. In the same way, a rheumatology department is also provided in the clinic. Specialists in rheumatic diseases, bone diseases, joints, muscle and spinal conditions operate at the Casablanca clinic.

Additionally, the clinic will momentarily be furnished with a rehabilitation pool following the standards of international clinics specializing in physical medicine.

According to the founder of the center, the swimming pool is in the process of being finalized. The pool is essential to deal with muscle damage or more severe accidents. It is an asset that will enable the clinic to strengthen its status as the first physical medical clinic in Morocco which offers various services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychomotor therapy and limb and body tools for treatment.

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