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How Facebook Users Are Growing Every Day

The number of users on Facebook is increasing day after day, and this increase is visible. It is a special social network which has a great model to operate. The innovations taking place on this network make it exclusive. It is not possible without the proper research and customer insight. A lot of investigation is done on a routine basis to improve the experience of users. The statistics also show the positive results and they point in the direction of growing audiences. Here are some of the facts which show the growth of Facebook users.

Growth in the users

The active user accounts increase every day. It can be seen from the company statistics. Almost every person in the modern day is the member of this huge network, and a lot are now moving towards this to connect. There can be any reason behind the subscription that can be the need for getting updated about every news report or fulfilling the social needs by making more connections. Almost 16% of the users increase every year. Already it is such a huge network, and the continuous growth is surprising for most of the business models. The mass market is appeal towards this network.

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Increase in user engagement

Just having a lot of users is not an essential thing, having active and engaged users is the most important thing. There can be some subscribers of a network, and if they remain active on a daily basis, this is the real success of the organization. This platform is really interesting that it engage people on a larger level. In the past year more that 60% of users remain active here. It also depends on the trends going on in the society. For example, if the big election campaign is supported, more people will get engaged in it. It all depends on the interest a network maintains. Connecting the world is the key mission of Facebook, and its success is evident by the huge customer engagement.

Comparison with other social media

Facebook is not the alone player in the market. There are many competent and similar networks which are in the limelight. The success of Facebook is continuously increasing regardless of the increased competition. Also, Facebook has many other social media platforms which come under the ownership of the same network now. This factor increases the feasibility of the network. The other networks which have become the part of this channel are Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Since a person can buy followers on Instagram and Facebook, it is much easier for an individual to keep growing the network. With the increase in popularity of these networks, the Facebook users are also connecting. It increases the customer experience by synchronizing all the networks.

These were the facts which have a contribution in getting more number of users on Facebook. The value of the network in added each time a user is connected to this. It is good news for the investors. They can invest more resources in this network and get more return on this investment. This return will increase over the coming years by more number of users.