Social Media Marketing as of 2017

There are many different types of marketing methods to use. Scarcity marketing bases their strategy on the rareness and demand for their brand, meanwhile, relationship marketing focuses on using couples and friends to their advantage. However, there is only one marketing strategy that can incorporate these methods, and others, into its plans. The best marketing strategy to utilize in the modern era is social media marketing.

Social media marketing will automatically increase a brands exposure to future costumers. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2017, seven out of ten United States citizens use some form of social media, compared to one out of ten people in 2007. How many times have you seen a person look at their phone and look like they are texting or scrolling down? I guarantee that eighty percent of those people are interacting with some type of social media platform and pretty soon, everyone will have a social media account. This is why in the next couple of years, every business should be in the social media market. It is always better to wake up before your alarm than to have your alarm wake you up. Businesses can create social media accounts, actually start using them, and they can also get their employees to interact with their main social media account. Once the dialogue, or interactions, commence, businesses will start to see a rise in followers, friends, or subscriptions. This will occur because the more information, time, and dialogue you create in social media, the more your brand is exposed to other users. Also, when other users start to get a whiff of your brand, then they would tell their friends and family about it too, which will cause a chain affect that would increase your account followers at an exponential rate. The more the public knows about your business, the more costumers you will attain. Think about it, where do you go to buy groceries? You probably thought about Walmart. The reason is because Walmart is one of the most known exposed brands in America today. You see them everywhere and they have various social media accounts.

In order to continue, let us go more in depth on the subject of social media. According to the website Statista, the most popular social media avenue is Facebook, with over two billion active users, and YouTube, with over one and a half billion active users. These are the main social media platforms that all brands should attack with marketing. Facebook is like having Instagram, Twitter, emails, and texting combined in one app. Brands should befriend as many users as possible and actively post about the benefits of their products, discounts on theirs products, and links to their other social media accounts such as Instagram where they Buy Active Instagram Followers to promote their brands with more audience. With regard to YouTube, it is the social media platform that will take over the TV business. Instead of waiting for a specific time period to watch your favorite program, like the news, YouTube allows their users to watch videos at any time of the day. This is very convenient to the users and to the brand because the users can watch your videos at any time they please and the brand do not have to pay TV networks for time slots on the air. This would allow more exposure to your brand because the videos that you post stay their forever, so if the brand obtains a new user then that user can look at older popular videos. If you are still not convinced then listen to this. Game of Thrones is the most popular television show and they receive approximately ten million viewers for each episode of their current season, which is the most viewers they had for a season. Also, as of now, Game of Thrones released sixty four episodes. Pewdiepie is the most popular YouTube channel, with just under fifty seven million subscribers. He averages approximately ten million views per video, but he has released over three thousand videos and his most popular video had over seventy million views.

Furthermore, let us talk about an actual social media marketing outlook strategy. A creative way of marketing your product on social media is to create monthly competitions, or games, that enables the brand’s followers to market their product for them and at the end of each month the best player is awarded with a prize that they choose to believe is worthy for them. This plan has the potential to be one of the most unique and effective marketing techniques in the social media game because from my experiences, all brands do not uses this technique. Even though some share a similar strategy, their strategy is not exactly equivalent to this one and their input of volunteers are extremely low due to an ample amount of points needed to be earned, due to a lack of interest, or due to an undesirable award. My plan would get rid of all of these issues. First of all, my plan would not require a follower to reach an unfathomable amount of points, but rather it would require the follower to win if he or she earns the most points compared to the rest of the pool of volunteers. From my experiences, when you have to earn too many points to get an award, the work becomes tedious and boring which caused me to stop trying to earn more points. People would much rather play a game that is not too difficult, but still have good odds to win. Secondly, the fact that my competition’s award is the choosing of the winner would divest the issues of users having a lack of interest of the game and of the award at the end. Just think about it. You will have the opportunity to play and potential win a competition where the prize would by anything the you want. Who would not want to play that game? In our world, people want all sorts of things and because my competition has this format, it would attract an abundance of unlikely followers to the brand.

In the end, social media marketing is the best strategy to use for marketing. The brand exposure would be exponential and we will start to see social media take over other industries, such as television. If you want to start a new business, social media should be the first marketing forefront to stage your assault.