Ibn battuta

Who was Ibn Battuta and why we should not forget him?

Ibn Battuta was a great traveler. He had passion and love for traveling. The sole purpose of his life was to explore the world and visit destinations that are exceptional in their beauty. He was born in Morocco in the year 1304. The full name he had was “Abu Abdullah Muhammad In Abdullah Al Lawati Al Tanji Ibn Battuta”, and this was then shortened to Ibn Battuta. He was such a great traveler that the distance covered by him was exceptional. He even covered the area more than Marco Polo did. There are many things that should be noticed about him and make him unforgettable in the history of traveling.

Start of Journey

The inspiring thing about him is that he started the journey for religious purposes. At a very early age, he decided to go to Mecca for performing Haj. The way he chose was to join the Caravan and covering the distance with the people moving towards a destination. The reason behind this act was to stay away from the thieves, robbery and other physical harms that may occur in the voyage. After the time of more than one year he reached Mecca and after that, he decided to devote his life towards traveling. A large portion of his life was spent in wandering.

The whole voyage

The distance covered by Ibn Battuta and the areas visited y him are numerous. The total time spent by him in traveling is about 30 years which is exceptional. In his first voyage while going to Mecca he went through the route in which Syria and Palestine were in the way. Persia, Afghanistan, and Anatolia were also the part of the journey. He also covered the Himalaya series in India. Then he went to Maldives and Srilanka by passing through various routes. After that, the voyage was made to China to the eastern coast and then he went back to Morocco. But, the journey was not finished. He decided to again start the voyage and this time the place was Sahara. So he explored the Sahara desert.


He was not just a traveler; there are many other exceptional things about him which need to be known. He was a Judge or Qadi by profession because of his family history. In the early age he went away from this but after the completion of his journey, he came back and joined this responsibility. The areas in which he had interest include Islamic theology, botany, and geography. He had excellent observation and this made him a great social scientist. Also, he had a great interest in writing. This is the main reason that he is remembered by people today. He preserved his whole voyage in the form of writings when he went back to Morocco through the help of a friend.

Ibn Battuta was without any doubt the best traveler in the history. His name will remain forever in the history of traveling because of the endless efforts he made.